June 30, 2012

Summer Style | Cute Sheer Cut-Outs

Well, I don't know about you, but where I live, it's starting to get hot...and humid. Humidity + clothing = sticky. Gross! So the only real solution is to stay inside. But, alas, that's usually not possible, so the next best thing is to wear as little clothing as possible. Since it might be inappropriate to just walk around in a bikini in the middle of downtown Kansas City, why not take away from the clothing you have, just a little. I don't know if this will help cool my body down at all. Even a little bit. But, it looks cute, right? So all you need for this is a dress you don't mind chopping up a bit, some sheer fabric, needle & thread or a sewing machine. I had some leftover fabric from the clutch I made over a few days ago, so I used some of that.
Cut your triangles out, turn the dress inside out and pin the fabric so it is covering the whole completely. Then sew it on. Done and done! I've done something similar to a few other dresses and I really like the effect. What do you think? xoxo - Jillian


  1. Love it! It's perfect for summer!

  2. So clever! Easy but classy refashion!


  3. That's awesome! I'm gonna have to try that!


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