June 18, 2012

Meet My Medium Sponsors

Spool No. 72

Founded by a mother and two daughter team; Spool No.72 is an online clothing company headquartered in the rural grasslands of eastern Washington State. Spool’s talented trio designs, creates, sources, and salvages our exclusive line of products.

A Mademoiselle's World

My name is Em Trava, a 21 year old literature-management student from the University of the Philippines Visayas. Aside from being a student, I'm a personal style blogger, aspiring fashion designer/stylist and part owner of It's Vintage Darling online shop. Like most girls are, I love dressing and dolling up but I am also a lover of the arts (performing and visual), crafts, diys, music, literature, traveling, beaches, long walks, anything vintage and whimsical, food, pastries, milk teas, coffee, and photography.

I  mostly blog about fashion, my personal style, beauty, photoshoots of our online shop, events and sometimes about food, trips and travels and some random stuff.

Random Chic Musings

My name is Dille and I am a fashion blogger from Singapore, currently living abroad in Spain.
I started this blog just over a year ago when taking daily outfit photos just wasn't enough anymore. 
I decided to channel my creativity onto something..better so Random Chic Musings was born!
I describe my style as casual chic, feminine, romantic with a touch of bohemian.
I may be new to the world of blogging but I believe talent is timeless. 
I look forward to better prospects in the future and most importantly to continue doing what I love and I plan to do it for a long time!

Fashions On Top

Now about me, my name is Elle.  I'm only 14 so a little bit younger than most bloggers.  I started my blog because I'm extremely interested in fashion/beauty.  Plus Ive always loved reading blogs.  So I thought it would be a perfect idea to start one!  

The Nautical Owl
Growing up on the outskirts of a Kansas City has taught me how to appreciate the nature that surrounds me. Ever since I was a kid, I was saving kittens, or birds, or bugs. My childhood summer's were sunshine-soaked, barefoot and lovely. I dedicate myself to preserve those memories, those that were the most Wild. Free. Honest.

Sponsors are such an important part of Epic Thread. All proceeds go to improving the blog, the projects and the photography, in turn giving you better content and giving the sponsors more traffic. Thanks so much to this months team to being a part of Epic Thread.
xoxo - Jillian

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