May 15, 2012

Things I Love | May

The beautiful relief work of Gregory Euclide.
I am dying for the first canoe trip of the season. It's what I look forward to most every summer. Missouri actually has some of the most beautiful rivers, with fun surprises like caves, waterfalls and fresh springs.
The photography of Michael Kenna is haunting and beautiful. The website I found his work on was called The Silent World of Michael Kenna and I think that is very appropriate. His photos are isolating, and lonely, but in a meditative way. They're peaceful and force you to contemplate the relationship between nature and man.
Kirsty Mitchell creates some extremely interesting and beautiful tableau's. I could spend hours upon hours looking at her colorful and expressive work.
I'm was more than excited to learn that Free People was opening a boutique here in Kansas City a whopping 3 minutes from my apartment. My bank account is in trouble...
I don't even know what to say about this work, except "awesome"!


  1. I've never heard of Free People ! I should really look into that. You always find such beautiful things :)

  2. I love Free People - they have such boho chic clothes!!!

    I was declared the WINNER of Posh24's Fashion Blog Battle. A big Thank You to everyone who voted!!!

  3. I thought living 2 hours from the Free People in KC was harsh on my bank account...I can't imagine living 3 minutes away!!


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