May 01, 2012

Spring Fashion Obsession | Long and Flowey

I was on my fashion board on Pinterest the other day and noticed a serious trend. I just absolutely swoon over long, flowey looks. Whether it be hair or fabric, I love everything about light, breezy styles. My hair is starting to get to the length I would like, which will probably be far too hot for a Kansas City Summer, but I refuse to cut it. I found all of these looks on my Pinterest page, which I initially got from some of my favorite blogs and websites like Studded Hearts, Tuula Vintage and Free People. I plan on making myself a long, flowey skirt this week with just fabric and two buttons, so stay tuned for that DIY project!

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  1. nice post! i'm following you now, i have a blog too, so maybe you could follow me back. my blog is and it's about beauty and fashion and that kind of stuff ;-)

  2. Oh, you know I love flowey dresses! I'd love to see you try to make your own dress. I bet you could do it! And, you should never cut your hair. Ever. :)

  3. Love the first photo! And also the one with the rose! Great post!

  4. these are all beautiful. Love your photos :)


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