May 09, 2012

Fortune Teller Program

For our wedding I wanted something cute, different and interactive for our programs. We have a pretty short, simple wedding, so I didn't really need anything to in-depth. I really just wanted something that gave credit to everyone who was part of the ceremony. So I made these fortune tellers.  I wanted to share how I made them and a template for you to make your own!
 Here is how ours turned out and below is the template I created for it.
You can copy and paste this into the program of your choice. I used Indesign CS5. Place all of your text as you see it on my finished template. Then you can remove the black line template and print them. If you can't quite remember how to fold a fortune teller (I had a hard time remembering at first) there are some great Youtube video tutorials. It turned out very cute and all my guests had fun playing with them while they waited for the ceremony to start.
There is a little trial and error involved to make sure the title on the flap matches the name on the inside. I printed out the template without any text first, and then wrote with a pen where everything belonged and then followed that design when I created it in Indesign. Anyone else have a cool idea for a program? Share in the comments! xoxo - Jillian
photos of fortune teller taken by Kinsey Mhire Photography


  1. This is cute! I used to play with this when I was little. ♥

  2. That is way cute! Great idea. You're just chalk-full of 'em!


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