May 30, 2012

Currently Coveting | Spell and the Gypsy Collective

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Holy "Soon To Be Empty Wallet" Batman! I think my contacts are officially dried out from staring so intensely at my lappy screen for so long. I usually don't dedicate an entire post to one shop/blog/website, etc., but I saw sooo many things that I'm in love with I think my brain might have exploded if I hadn't posted more than one photo. My style tends to change with the seasons. Fall and Winter I tend to gravitate towards form-fitting, big skirted retro dresses and in the summer, I lean more towards a little boho-chic. I plan on spending a nice chunk of money at Spell and the Gypsy's shop  after my next paycheck.  Also, for some amazing inspiration, check out their blogspot.  Doesn't this post just make you want to roll in the grass, play in the surf, and just plain wander? Sigh...

Remember, you have today and tomorrow to get in your photos for the contest!

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