May 03, 2012

Catching Up

We have been so busy lately. Ross has been working hard at his new job. Shmoozing it up with big wigs, learning all kinds of new things and of course shopping for some new suits (my husband shopping for suits...weird, huh?). And I've been hard at work at my day job (graphic designer), working on an interview with Poppy Magazine for their upcoming June launch and working on paintings for art show season. I've had so many fun and special moments lately that I wanted to share a few of my favorite snapshots from the past few weeks.
My cute, niece Chloe on Easter. She's such a goof ball, but so much fun! And Ross is such a good Uncle.
Speaking of Epic, I have some pretty epic friends. For my lovely husband's 27th birthday, we decided to grill some hot dogs, and play a wiffle ball game. It was beyond fun! Well, thanks for letting me share some silly pics with you guys! Hope you are all having an amazing week! xoxo - Jillian

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