May 07, 2012

Bird House Key Holder DIY

My husband and I...well, mostly just me...I'm always losing my keys. I put a pushpin in the wall awhile back to try and help me remember them by having a place for them. But the pin is clear and I never remember to put my keys on it, because I don't ever see it. So I decided to make something a little harder to miss!
There are a few supplies you need for this, but you can lessen your supply load by using a few alternatives, which I'll go over. Instead of wood burning, you could paint your birdhouse, and you don't have to stain it, if you don't want.  You'll also want some kind of glue. I used hot glue, to secure the birds to the birdhouse.
 I drilled a hole in the bottom and screwed in a hook.
Then I wood burned it!
And stained it...
 I let it dry, coated it in polyurethane and hung it up on the wall!
I thought this was such a cute way to make sure I remembered my keys! Made any of your own fun key holders? Leave a link in the comments! I'd love to check them out! Happy Monday! xoxo - Jillian


  1. I love love love this idea! Very cute and easy to do!

  2. What a cute and crafty idea, love it!


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