May 04, 2012

Another Edition of Beautiful Surroundings

 It might be lame, but I just love taking photos of nature. I can't help myself. Nature is such a wonder. And any of you that have been keeping up with the blog for awhile (and I applaud you if you have), know how obsessed I am with the outdoors. I love all things green and sun-shiny. This last photo makes me feel like Thumbalina; isolated in my own big/little world. All of these photos were taken at Loose Park here in Kansas City. It's one of our favorite places. Not just because it is absolutely beautiful, but I also proposed to Ross here, so it has special meaning to us.
It is Friday, people! Time for a fun-filled weekend. I hope to spend a lot of time outside, do a couple of shoots, and work on lots of new projects. Hopefully, I am as productive as I am in my brain. Now, I'm off with my husband to First Friday (for those who don't know what First Friday is, a post will be up soon) and the end of the year show at the Kansas City Art Institute. Can't wait to see some of my old professors!
Have a joyful weekend, friends. xoxo - Jillian

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