May 16, 2012

$2.00 Floral Crown DIY

Supplies you need: Hot glue, a bundle of fake flowers, scissors, and wire. Measure the wire so it's the size you want it and then wrap it around itself a few times to make it a little more sturdy. Cut off the flowers you want to use, leaving a little of the stem on, so you can wrap them with wire onto the crown. I used a little bit of hot glue in between the flowers to help them stay in place.
I'm so happy with how this crown turned out. I hope to find a few times to wear it during the summer. It looks amazing on Taylor, though, eh? I've seen these on sale online as expensive as $60.00, and maybe the ones online use higher quality flowers, but I found that they have some really cute fake flowers at the dollar store. So I bought one bundle of flowers and the green wire. Talk about a cheap project with an adorable result! If any of you guys try this one out, I would absolutely love to see the finished product! Leave a link in the comments! Oh, and here are more photos of miss Taylorxoxo - Jillian

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