April 20, 2012

Things I Love | April

This is a library in Stockholm. Can I live here, please?
This photos are from the lovely mind of photographer Katerina Sokova. Stunning.
The brightly colored, expressive paintings of Francoise Nielly are so very cool. Messy and beautiful.
Tuula Vintage is probably my new favorite fashion blog. I haven't been able to check a computer without seeing if she has put up a new outfit post. All of her outfits have every element.
The whimsical and romantic fashion photography of Antonina Dolani is amazing. Seriously, check it out!
Did you love Bob Ross like me when you were a kid? As cheesy and fuzzy as the guy was, he was one of the earliest inspirations I can remember for painting. I never really got into doing landscapes, but people who can do these fascinate me. Check out this time lapse video of Tim Gagnon. It's beautiful.
Lastly, for Things I Love is my amazing husband, Ross.We had a wonderful time at his birthday dinner last night. We both ate probably a little lot more than we should have, but who can resist the call of lobster mashed potatoes? Not me.
Have some awesome things you love this month? Share some links! 
Thanks for reading, lovelies. xoxo - Jillian

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