April 13, 2012

Tattoo Love | Jenni

"My name is Jenni. I'm a German museologist recently relocated to Berlin after 20 years of being an Expat in Scotland. As well as writing about museums a lot, I write about daily life and adjusting back to life in Germany after such a long time on my blog The Ex Expat. I have a tattoo on my back which is the Japanese symbol for love, 'Ai'. I know these kinds of tattoos are quite fashionable, but I chose mine for a deeper meaning. My husband and I met in Japanese night class, and in fact, I had my tattoo done as a surprise while he was subsequently away working in Tokyo for a year. Since he can read some Japanese, he knew right away what it meant when he saw it, no need to "oh, this is the symbol for..." explanations ;-) The tattoo was done by Barry at Tribal Body Art in Edinburgh, Scotland."
What a beautiful story! So romantic and sweet. I wish the two of them years upon years of happiness! Thanks so much for sending this in, Jenni!
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