April 28, 2012

Summer Drink Mug DIY Using Peanut Jar

I eat peanuts like I think I'm an elephant or something. I take them to work with me and go through jars and jars. Well, I was looking at the last jar I ate and thought about what I could do with it. I try my best to come up with ideas with supplies I already have. Not only is it economical, but it is great for the environment. I don't mean to say these small little projects do anything to save the Earth, but I feel if we all do things to recycle what we already have, a little goes a long way in the end. 
I absolutely love carrying around water with me everywhere I go, and it's so much easier when you have a straw! 
All you need for this project is a peanut jar, something to decorate it with, a drill (or something to punch a whole in the lid for the straw) and a straw. Oh...and a beverage, of course. Decorate your jar however you see fit. I chose to use scrapbook paper and Mod Podge it. Then drill a whole in the lid and place your straw in it. You're ready for a walk in the park with your cold beverage! Hope you have fun with this project! Have are some of your favorite upcycling projects? Happy Saturday! xoxo - Jillian

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  1. Great upcycle idea. Hmm...thinking about what jars I can use to do this :)


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