April 08, 2012

Spring-Inspired Planter Box

Things you need...
A box, styrofoam blocks to fit into the box, faux moss, wire stems, styrofoam balls, paint, scissors, hot glue. Place your styrofoam blocks inside the box. Paint your styrofoam balls in some pretty Spring colors. While they are drying, hot glue a piece of moss to the top of the styrofoam block. After the balls are dry, stick the stems into them and then into the foam. What a fun little planter box! 
I'll be honest, I haven't a green thumb, or even a green pinky. I am terrible at taking care of plants. I don't know why I do wrong, but I always end up killing them! I plan on trying again soon, but until then, I wanted a little planter to put on my porch. This is easy to take care of and looks adorable. 
I can't wait to do more Spring projects!
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. AWW this is so cute I think im going to make it :)


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