April 16, 2012

Silver Paint Tube Necklace | DIY

I go through these small paint tubes like it's going out of style and I saw a paint tube necklace online the other day for $20.00! Why would I pay that when I have all these paint tubes laying around? This one is super easy. Take your paint tube, make sure you have as much paint out of it as possible before putting a hole through it! Spray paint your tube on both sides and carefully use a knife to put a hole through the tube. Use a small jewelry connector to put it on your chain. Make sure and let it dry first! I also put a little bit of glue around the hole just to make sure no stray paint made its way onto my shirt.
And there you have it!

P.S. Mandy from Nestled in Nostalgia is our contest winner! Be sure to contact me, Mandy at epicthreadkc@yahoo.com to claim your prize!

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  1. FUN! I love these "green" ideas :)


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