April 11, 2012

New Drawing

I recently put up a post of some photos from a shoot I did with my friend Kinsey. I took a few of her in the headdress I made, but haven't posted any of those as of yet. But I was just itching to work on a drawing lately. I've been painting like a mad man lately. Spring is a busy time for me with art shows and I mostly only show paintings, but this itch had to be scratched, and I thought the photo I took of Kinsey would be a great outlet for drawing with all of the contrasting shades and intense lighting. I don't know if I've satisfied the itch or just made it worse, but we shall see. 
xoxo - Jillian

PS - And don't forget to check out the contest going on now through April 16th!


  1. Very nice drawing. I especially like the feathers, eyes and the shading.

  2. I especially love how you did the feathers. Lovely. And you caught Kinsey's eyes. :) Does that sound creepy me talking about her eyes? hmmm :/


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