April 24, 2012

My Hair Care Essentials

I have hair that really just wants to do it's own thing. It must take after me. It's long, straight, and really doesn't want to do anything want it to do. It doesn't really want to curl, it doesn't like volume, but with some of these products, I'm able to get the kind of look I want, just about anytime.

For Clean, Healthy Hair:
My new favorite shampoo and conditioner is O&M's Hydrate & Conquer. My hair goes through some annoying cycles. Sometimes it's super dry, and sometimes it just wants to be a grease pit. This stuff hydrates my hair like none other, so that my hair is balanced. It's healthy, shiny and wonderfully smooth. Not only that, but this stuff smells so good! I don't even know how to describe it. Like a vanilla dream.

For Volume and Extra Shine:
Eufora sure does have some amazing products. I love walking out in the sun and practically blinding people with shiny, healthy-looking hair. Eufora's Beautifying Serum is fantastic for that. The best part about it is that you can pretty much use it anytime. You can rub some in when you have damp hair, but you can also put a little drop on the ends when you don't have time to use heat to smooth it out a little. Oh, and this stuff is great for your skin as well. Better than lotion!
I hate, hate, hate to tease my hair. I'm a low-maintenance kinda gal and I want my volume with as little work as possible. I was introduced to Eufora's Powder Lift about a month ago and it changed my life. Without teasing and even without hair spray, you can get some crazy volume by just throwing a little of this powder under your hair at the roots and then scrunching it up a bit. And you're good to go! Seriously, this stuff is just amazing!

For Styling Hold:
My two style hold products both come from Davines and they're both part of the Wizards line. That whole line is pretty much amazingness in bottles, but these are two of my favorites. The No. 14 Sea Salt Spray is an organic way to make sure you have some great volume before styling. Spray a little on damp hair and it helps create a little volume and hold your style for longer.
The No. 7 Fixative hair spray is probably the best hair spray I've ever come across. I used it on my wedding day and my hair was just as curly at midnight as it was when I first had it styled that morning. It's not sticky, it's not crunchy, it's moldable and it smells great.
Ok, I'm done sounding like a commercial!
What are some of your favorite hair products? xoxo - Jillian


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