April 17, 2012

Make a Vintage Inspired Collar Out of a Doily

Recently I did a post on how to make a dream catcher necklace out of a doily, but I only used the middle of it and I didn't want to just throw away the edge. Turns out it was the perfect length to make a cute vintage-style collar. All you have to do is cut the edge of a doily off, pin it to your shirt of choice and sew it on! It's such a quick and easy way to dress up a plain shirt!

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  1. LOVELY! I keep seeing your doily projects but have to keep myself from digging into my stash. I am hoarding them up to use for doily pendants. I want to hang the doily spheres over the dance floor at my wedding.

  2. What a great idea! Love it! :-)

  3. Thank you! And Sara, that is such a lovely idea!

  4. Such a good idea! I'm following :)
    Check out my blog! www.pleasureoverbusiness.com
    Emma x


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