April 18, 2012

Honeymoon Photos with GE Waterproof Camera

Boy, oh boy. I could write a novella about our honeymoon. It was my first time flying, so the act of actually traveling was something amazing for me. We went to Puerto Rico and I took a digital point and shoot and this GE Active DV1-AB that my mother-in-law gave us before the trip. I ended up using the GE the whole time we were there. It took great photos, I didn't have to worry about the ocean water, and it also took video. Our hotel room was half a block from a local beach, which was great, because we met some awesome people, who weren't tourists like us. We went to Fort El Morro, Old San Juan and El Yunque rain forest. We had an absolutely amazing time and I'm so glad we had this awesome little camera to capture all the little moments. Seriously, if you have a need for a waterproof camera, I would highly recommend this little guy. It also has a built-in in usb so you can plug it directly into a computer to upload. We're saving up money for our next trip to Greece and I will definitely be taking this bad boy with us. 
xoxo - Jillian


  1. That place looks amazing. Congrats on your marraige! I know it wasn't too long ago. :) I'll have to check that camera out.

  2. Ohh wow the clouds are amazing! love it


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