April 11, 2012

Guest Post From Paper Thoughts, Fabric Dreams

 Hi there! I'm Miranda, I started my blog as a way to share my work and inspiration. I spend a lot of my time making things and I love having a way to share! My blog is almost a year old and It has been such a fun experience! 

Supplies needed: Yarn, leather scraps a crochet hook, and scissors which aren't pictured! 
1. Make a chain out of yarn. Mine was about 22 links but make it to fit your wrist!
2. Make your turning chains for a treble stitch and start crocheting! When your finished, cut a long string
 3. Use your extra strings to tie to wrap together the two ends of your treble stitches.
 4. Weave your leather scraps in the bracelet, have them wrap as many times as you wish!
5. Tuck in your leather when your all finished and enjoy your bracelet! 

What a great idea from, Miranda at Paper Thoughts, Fabric Dreams! I'm definitely going to have to try this out. Make sure and go check out her blog for other DIY goodies! Thanks for sending this in, Miranda!
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Have a fantastic day, readers!

P.S. Don't for get about our contest!

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