April 23, 2012

Girl Scout Collar | DIY

This is such an easy project. I've seen them made a few other places and had to try it out for myself. My lovely friend Megan modeled this cute little tie for me. She has a super vintage style, so I made it for her. She already wants some in other colors and patterns! I think I'll have to make some for myself as well.
All you have to do is measure your neck for the size you want. If you don't have measuring tape on had, you can use ribbon or a string to get the length right. Then just cut out a your tie, making the ends a little wider than the center. Sew up the edges and then measure out where you need to cut the hole for the button. Cut the hole and then sew around it to make sure it doesn't fray. Then sew the button on the other side and you are ready to wear your new girl scout collar! 
xoxo - Jillian

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