April 14, 2012

Briefcase | DIY

My wonderful husband is starting a new phase of his job. He works for an organic hair product company and this week he started in the sales field. He has been so excited, because now he gets to wear his fancy outfits for work and not just on the weekends. I wanted to make him a little gift to let him know I was proud. So I made him a little houndstooth briefcase. I'm sure he will want to get himself a nicer one at some point, but for now, maybe this will do. 
All you need is fabric, a three-ring binder, a piece of cardboard, a sewing machine or needle and thread and velcro. Make sure and measure out where your velcro will need to be once it's all sewn up and stitch those two pieces on before sewing the fabric onto the binder and cardboard. It will be a lot harder if you don't! Then measure out how much fabric you need to cover your binder and cardboard and sew those on. Make sure and cute a slit for the three rings in the binder. Then sew your cardboard flap piece to the binder piece. You can sew on a handle if you'd like or leave it as more of a clutch briefcase. And there you go! Now he can store important paperwork in it with a three hole punch, or you can get binder sleeves so all of his work can be protected. I think he likes it. Mostly because it is houndstooth!
xoxo - Jillian

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