March 29, 2012

Tattoo Love | Ashley

Today's tattoo comes to us from the lovely Ashley. Mrs. Vest is one of my favorite people and she let me take her Trash the Dress photos, which was probably one of the most fun shoots I've ever gotten to do. She also let me take a few snapshots of her arm tattoo. Ashley got these pretty cherry blossoms done at Freaks on Noland. I asked her if there was any hidden meaning behind the piece. She said "No, I've just always thought they were really pretty." I'm definitely one of those people who likes when people have a story behind their tattoo, but I don't think it is necessary either. If you want something "just because", you get it, and don't be ashamed! I have a tattoo of a roller skating robot for heaven's sake!

Man, sifting through these tattoo posts I have ready to go, it really makes me want to get another one done! Perhaps one of my next paychecks may have to go to a little bit of new art work...hmm...

Remember, if you have a tattoo you'd like to show off email me at with a description of the tattoo, and where you had it done. Can't wait to see your work!
Have a beautiful day, beautiful ones! xoxo -Jillian

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