March 28, 2012

Now Accepting Sponsorship!

We are so very excited to be offering sponsorship! Epic Thread hasn't been around long, but we get more and more views everyday. We are committed to posting quality content on a daily basis and with the growing exposure of Epic Thread, we can help you promote your business! Want to sponsor? Go here for all the details. And thank you all so much for the support!
It means the world to me! xoxo - Jillian


  1. Really wishing I had a blog and shop up and running to sponsor you! I love what you do and your fun and creative outlook on things. Once I get my move to the new place truly finished, I am going to be knocking on your door hoping to sponsor. Wishing you the best! :)

  2. Aw, thanks Sara! Well, whenever you have your stuff up and running, my doors will be open!


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