March 10, 2012

Nature-Inspired Wall Art

We still don't have a headboard for our bed. I have been making myself crazy trying to come up with the perfect headboard, but in the meantime, I needed something above our bed. I've been wanting to make something mossy and earthy to up for sometime as well.
You can find long pieces of styrofoam at the craft store for around $8.00. Rolls of moss are about $10.00 and then you can collect all sorts of leaves, flowers or whatever else you please to decorate your moss board. Styrofoam is a great alternative to a canvas board or wood, because it is light and you can place it on easily. Just put long thumb tacks in the wall and then you can push the styrofoam onto them to keep it in place.
Hot glue your moss onto the foam and then you can cut off any excess.
Come up with a pleasing arrangement and then glue on your pieces.
I love my new wall art. It gives me that little piece of nature I need when I live in the middle of the city and can't see it out of my window.

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