March 26, 2012

Mad Men Night

So for those of you that are obsessed with Mad Men just as much as me, you know the premiere was this past weekend. Two of our favorite people came over for some 60's inspired drinks, all dressed up in their best vintage duds for the event. Of course we had to do a little "photo booth" session for the occasion.
Oh, and the sign I'm holding up in the last picture is one of my most precious possessions. A friend and I went to the Celebrity Wiffle Ball Tournament last year at the Royals stadium and got a chance to meet Jon Hamm, take a picture with him and I got his autograph on this sign we were holding up.
Here's my friend Megan and I with The Hamm himself.

Who watched the premiere, and what did you think?
xoxo - Jillian


  1. love the hair! :) and i'm watching mad men right now! how funny :)

  2. A MAD MEN THEMED PARTY?! Brilliant idea...and you met Jon Hamm? You're so lucky! He's one awesome guy.

  3. Thanks! It was fun. And meeting Jon Hamm was probably the highlight of my life! haha


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