March 15, 2012

Cheap + Easy Lens Filters

So I had these slides of a bunch of my art works from high school. Can you believe there was a time art schools wanted slides instead of digital images for your portfolio application? Well, I don't have a projector, but these work a lot better as lens filters. None of these images were edited at all and what a lovely result! Not only does it create a retro style image without editing, but every photo will be different depending on how you hold the slides up against the lens. And these are easy to find at most antique stores. I've seen them at several for around $1.00 for a box full of them!
I'm going to keep these bad boys inside my camera case at all times from now on!

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  1. Amazing effect and pictures <3 I LIKE !!!

  2. what an amazing idea! and it looks like you've got a beautiful portfolio in those slides too!


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