March 21, 2012

Bone Bead Necklace | DIY

I based the design of this necklace off of traditional Native American bone chest plates. They were often worn in battle as armor, protecting them from arrows or spears. There were also special chest plates made with animal skins, feathers and bones for ceremonial occasions. 
Supplies you need: Bone beads, or faux bone beads from the craft store, small round beads (your choice in color), 3 decorative flat beads, a leather strip, wire, and hot glue.
Essentially you are just braiding the wire back and forth through the 3 beads. Keep running the wire back and forth through the beads until you have the amount you want, then at the bottom run the wire through your 3 decorative beads. Hot glue a leather strip to the back of the decorative beads to help hold them in place. Tie on your "chain". I actually used another thin leather strip as my chain.

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