March 20, 2012

Beautiful Surroundings

These are some photos I've taken over time that make me appreciate the little things around me. Not all of them are pretty in a conventional way, but you have to be thankful for the gritty things sometimes in order to truly appreciate the beautiful things.
I've been so inspired lately and so proud of people around me. My husband has been working so hard at his goals lately. It's amazing how much more content people are whenever they feel motivated and accomplished. I hope that through some of these little craft projects, or photos that I can inspire others to do things that they enjoy, or feel inspired by themselves.
I also came across a blog that had such lovely words. Brittany over at Live Eclectic has a beautiful project going on called Make Your Life LOVEly. The main goal of her project is to encourage others to do what makes them happy, and spread positivity. She has offered up this idea to others and I plan on taking advantage of this hand-out. I'm not exactly sure what path I will take with this specific endeavor, but whatever it becomes, I know it will be lovely.

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