February 29, 2012

Follow and Win! (Closed)

Now through the end of next week (Friday March 9th) Epic Thread will be running a little contest. If you follow my blog through blogger, bloglovin, or through email, you'll be placed into a drawing to win any crochet or knitted item of your choosing. I have some of my latest items below, but I can make just about anything you could want. I'll notify the winner on March 10th and you can let me know what item you would like and where to send it!
Also, if the winner of the contest has their own blog, it will be featured when the winner is announced!
Make sure and leave a comment letting me know you are a new follower! 
Want a new mustard hat? A Harry Potter scarf? A pillow? Follow my blog and win one!
It's not much, but hopefully it's something the winner will appreciate!
Have a lovely evening, friends!
xoxo - Jillian


  1. Hello Jillian! Just come across your blog, which is lovely, now following! :-) You can find me here: http://harryandleelee.blogspot.com/. Have a lovely day! :-)

  2. oh jillian, that fox scarf is ADORABLE! im following through bloglovin'! *crossing fingers*

  3. Hey, I'm a new follower and I'm absolutely in love with the fox scarf!! And the owl plush thing that's adorable!!

  4. Hey Jillian, I JUST found your blog and have spent the past hour looking at all the adorable things you've made! I love the braided headband and the mustache mugs. :)


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