February 24, 2012

Color Obsessions | Peach

It's a little early for peach. I feel like it is more of a Spring color, but I don't even care! The color of the month for me is peach and here are some lovely things in this lovely color.
Painting: Billion Jesus Peach Rebel

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  1. How cute! Love these pictures. Beautiful blog!

    International Blog and Shop

  2. I didn't even realise how much I like Peach until I read this post. I especially like it with the stripes.

  3. Cute pictures! Where did you find all these? I couldn't find any sources or credits in your post.. I only recognized the last one from oh so lovely vintage.



  4. I'm a silly goose and forgot to put my sources on this one. Won't let that happen again!

  5. Jillian, I have just discovered your blog and I’m so happy I did, because I absolutely love it! Your blog is so beautiful, and you're so stylish and creative :) . You’ve got a new follower!

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady


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