February 22, 2012

Bows and Vintage Floral

I found this dress in my mom's closet one day and begged her to let me take it, thinking there was no way she would give it up. Turns out, she thought about giving it to me at one point, but thought I would hate it. I love it! The floral pattern is a little out-dated, but what's wrong with that? 

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  1. The floral pattern is gorgeous, so vintage (I adore how it belonged to your mom) and the bow in your hair is so darling <3

  2. you look so adorable!
    love the outfit, esp the bow.<3

  3. you are seriously the cutest blogger i've seen a while now, i am definetely following you via bloglovin, this blog is full of DYI posts for me to inspire from, loved the shoes u painted red, and the necklace,
    oh and the brownies u made yummyyyyyyy i had no idea how to make brownies but now thanks to you i knowwwwww.
    i may submit by the way a DYI project of mine soon.
    you can check out my blog if u want, i blog about fashion editorials coming from all around the world and from different magazines and sites.
    hope u like it and hope u follow me via bloglovin or facebook.
    it would make me soooooo soooo happy.

  4. Thanks again, Miss Marianne. I checked out your blog, it is awesome! I need to do a little more exploring on it, but we are following each other, yay! And you should definitely submit a project, that would be great!

  5. I love to rock my mom's completely outdated orange suede coat with rounded lapels from the 70s. Great post!


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