January 10, 2012

Local Business Love | Donna's Dress Shop

I definitely think it is important to support your local businesses. There are so many great ones in Kansas City, but the first one I want to tell you about is Donna's Dress Shop. A cute, yellow building in Westport. There is something new there everyday and there has not been a time I've went in that I didn't find something I loved. They have tons of vintage clothing and accessories as well as fair trade items.
Almost everything she brings in to her store is something I would buy, but here are some of my favorite things.

I've bought dresses for some of my most special occasions here. I bought two just for my wedding festivities alone. Here is the dress I bought for my bachelorette party.
So if you live in Kansas City, or you're visiting and you love vintage everything, definitely stop into Donna's!
1410 West 39th Street 
Photo credit: Photos taken by Donna's Dress Shop

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