January 20, 2012

Film Camera Love

I finally got my Holga in the mail, which I'd been waiting for longer than I liked! A few days after I got it, I saw a cute idea on A Beautiful Mess's blog to decorate her Holga and wanted to try it out on mine!  I wanted a simple change to mine, so I just painted the the part of the camera that was raised.
Here are the steps below!
Just tape it off in any design or pattern you want and paint! Super easy. And you can apply this idea to just about any item to give it a little life.

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  1. Kinda wish i had gone with all black instead of red and black on my camera. Just got it today and then saw this. But i have to do something to the boring strap, maybe paint with be the easiest hack til i have time to sew one.


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