January 05, 2012

DIY (No-Sew) Felt Clutch

All you need for this project is a sturdy rectangle of felt from the craft store. I bought mine for about less than a a dollar. I used some leather strip I already had and leather fringe. And this one is easy, because there is no sewing involved!
Fold the bottom half of the felt up to make the pocket of the clutch, leaving the top flap up.
Put three holes in the bottom half of the clutch and then two in each corner of the top flap and two toward the middle of the top flap. Then run the leather strip through the back of each hole and then thread through the rest.
Your end result will be this! Once you thread the leather strip through the last middle holes, you'll be able to tie them and the way the strip was thread through the bottom half will help hold the flap closed. You can hot glue your fringe to the back, and you're all done.
This sturdy felt is a cheap alternative, but you could use leather if you wanted.
Happy Crafting, friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is such a cute easy project. Good job. I wanna make one with buttons!


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