January 03, 2012

DIY Fire Fly Jars

So here is one of the easiest and cheapest projects I've done so far. 
I like to call them Fire Fly Jars, because that's what they remind me of, but they're really just...
Mason Jars and glow sticks!
I got the jars at the grocery store for about $5.00 for 8 of them, but you can find them at a thrift store for even cheaper. The glow sticks were $1.00 at the Dollar Store.
Crack the glow sticks until they're glowing. Cut the tops off of the glow sticks with sharp scissors; I used cutlery scissors. Be careful when cutting them, though, otherwise you're whole room is likely to look like there was some kind of rave party explosion!
Pour the liquid from the glow stick into the empty jar. Close the lid and shake it up and you're done!
The glow from the glow sticks can last around 2 days, sometimes less, but it could be a fun project for a child. They could use it as a nightlight. Or it could even be used as part of a centerpiece for an outdoor nighttime wedding. You could even use a paintbrush with the yellow and dot the inside of the jar to make them look like actual fire flies. 
Hope you enjoyed this idea, friends!

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