January 30, 2012

Bamboo Coat Rack

So of course I wanted to play with my new drill again. This project is a little more ambitious, but easy enough for anyone to do with the right tools. All you need is 3 bamboo poles, some leather strip, a few hooks of your choosing, a drill and screws. 

The two hooks I chose were a ceramic white antler hook and a pretty turquoise medallion one.
Drill holes in each pole, then match them up and screw all three together in a Tee-pee formation. Also, decide on where you want your hooks and go ahead and drill holes and insert screws for your hooks before assembling the poles.
Wrap with your leather strip for extra support and to help cover the screws.

Then hang your hooks on the screws you placed before assembly. You can use wood glue to help secure your hooks, if you need.
And there we go! Easy bamboo coat and hat rack! 
I have a feeling I'm going make a lot of fun things with my new drill.
Thanks for reading!

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