December 30, 2011

Ready for 2012

I've been thinking of things I want to do in the coming year. I don't want to even try to call them resolutions, because I'm pretty awful at keeping those. We'll just call them "goals" instead.
I really would like to find an old bicycle (preferably a Schwinn) and fix it up.
I want to make some adorable fox pillows like these, only crocheted, of course.
I want to make a new unique headboard, and I would love to decorate our bedroom in yellow and gray.
I would love to make some of these cute pennant banner pillows.
I want to make and bead my own moccasins.
I definitely plan on taking lots of photos with my new Holga.
I want all three of these necklaces.
I want to do more paintings and plan more art shows.
And I plan on listening to a lot more of this band.
Have a happy and fulfilling new year!


  1. We have a few bicycles ourselves :) and I have a loom for beading for the moccasins if you'd like to use it. I used to know how to do it. Good luck on all this! I know you can do it

    Jason Shaw

  2. Jason, you're awesome! And thanks for the support!! And PS, you and Mon look like are making a great photography team!


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