December 07, 2011

Paper Crane Mobile

I did a project awhile back that involved a lot of paper cranes. Eventually, I didn't need the paper cranes anymore, but I'd put so much work into them (I made about 500 total), that I didn't want to just throw them out. So here's how I used a few...

I found an old plastic picture frame that couldn't really hold pictures anymore and took the back out. I cut different lengths of thread and ran them through the middle of the cranes, tying a knot on the ends of the thread. Then I attached the cranes to the back side of the frame with hot glue. Easy as pie.

The picture frame was light and thin, so all I needed to do was use a clear thumb tack to hold it into the ceiling.

You could also use this as a mobile above a babies crib, or spread them out up against the wall to make wall art, or a head board.

If you don't know how to make paper cranes and would like to learn how, here is a helpful link.

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