December 06, 2011

Paint Sample Table

I had been needing a new table to go in our bedroom, but didn't want to spend a lot. Lucky me, I found a free one out on the curb and snatched it up. And here is a cheap and easy fix for a beat up table. Paint samples!

This project is a little more time consuming, but with all the supplies I got from the hardware store, I spent a total of $23.00 on this puppy.

Things you'll need:
A table
Sand paper (one heavy grit and one fine grit)
Water based paint (I used house paint, high gloss)
Paint samples (They're free!)
Mod Podge

First thing you have to do is sand it down. First with the heavy grit paper, then the fine. We also had to clean it pretty well. As you can see, it was pretty dirty.

Since we didn't use a primer, we did three coats of paint to make sure and get everything covered. House paint dries very quickly, so we were able to finish all three coats within 45 minutes.

I used a ruler and box cutter to cut my paint samples into 3x3 inch squares.

I then set out my design and Mod Podged the samples onto the table. I did 5 coats and it takes about 10 minutes between each coat. And what once was a gross old table that someone was throwing out, is now my cute, custom bedroom table!

I decorated it with some picture frames, one from our wedding, books and green vase.

So next time you need a piece of furniture, maybe the curb has some treasures for you!

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