December 04, 2011

DIY Yarn Sign

Have some wall space you don't know how to fill up? This project is cheap and easy and looks great when you're done.

For this one you need yarn and wire. The wire can be found at any craft store with all of the jewelry making supplies. I bought mine for $1.99. The other thing you need is hot glue to secure the yarn to the ends of the wire.

I made mine pretty small, but this would make a great alternative to a headboard if you made it larger. This would also make a great decoration for a wedding. 

The wire is easily manipulated, so shape your wire in any word you please. Once you have your wire shaped, just wrap the yarn around the wire until you're done.

Now find a place to hang or display your new sign!

I chose to put mine in my kitchen next to a pot we bought in Puerto Rico on our honeymoon.

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