November 24, 2011

Wire Hanger Christmas Tree

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Now that we are all fat and happy, the countdown to Christmas has begun. Here is an easy and cheap project if you have some wire hangers laying around. 

Here's the supplies you'll need:

6 Hangers
2 Strands of tinsel garland
1 Set of lights
Duct Tape

The inside of this tree won't be pretty, but no one will see the inside, so no worries! 
Your first step is to arrange the hangers so that they make a cone. Once you have all the hangers in place, you can start wrapping the garland around the hangers.

Use the duct tape to secure the beginning of the strand to the top of the tree and wrap around until the hangers are completely covered. Secure the other end with duct tape from the inside, so it is not visible on the outside. 

Finally, wrap the tree with Christmas lights.

Now find a cozy spot to display and enjoy!

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